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November 2016 - Marriage Enrichment Programs

Sydney Marriage Enrichment Workship Melbourne Marriage Enrichment Workship

Klesis is organising a series of Marriage Enrichment programs for churches in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Led by Dale Hartman, the program will be held at the Belmore Road Church of Christ (Melbourne) on Sunday, November 13, from 2-5.15pm, at the Holland Park Church of Christ (Brisbane) on Wednesday November 16 & Thursday November 17 at 7-9pm, and at Macquarie Church of Christ (Sydney) on Sunday November 20, at 2-5.15pm.

November 2016 - Marriage Mentoring Program
Klesis is also conducting a pilot Marriage Mentoring overnight residential program along with Dale Hartman and David & Christine Payne as facilitators. The Melbourne program is scheduled for November 11-12 and the Sydney program is scheduled for November 18-19.

Early 2016 & 2015 News & Events

2016 Asia Pacific Elders, Deacons and Spouses’ Conference,
Malacca, Malaysia, 26 – 28 July 2016. (Note new dates)

Following on from the Perth Eldership Weekend convened by Klesis in November 2014, the Pasir Panjang Church of Christ in Singapore had taken on the organising role for a 2016 Asia Pacific Conference for Elders, Deacons and Spouses. The Conference was held in Malacca, West Malaysia, from Tuesday 26 July until Thursday 28 July, 2016.

This was just before the 2016 Asian Mission Forum which followed-on from 28 July to 1 August 2016, (note new dates) providing participants the opportunity to attend one or both events. Evertt Huffard from Harding School of Theology agreed to be the keynote speaker for both events. See pdf downloads below for details.
2016 Asia Pacific Elders, Deacons and Spouses Conference 2016 Asian Mission Forum


Seminar in Church History
Melbourne 15 May 2016; Brisbane 25 May & 27 May 2016

A Church History Seminar was conducted on the afternoon of 15 May from 2.00pm - 5.15pm in Melbourne at Belmore Road Church of Christ. It was taught by Dr Keith Stanglin from the Austin Graduate School of Theology, Austin, Texas, USA. There were two sessions on the following topics: Session 1 – The Importance of Studying Church History; Session 2 – Persecution & Martyrdom in the Early Church.

A repeat Seminar was conducted in Brisbane at Holland Park Church of Christ on Wednesday 25 May and Friday 27 May from 7.00pm – 9.00pm. For further information contact Alan Rowley for Melbourne Seminar ( or 0419 264 931) and Andrew Johnson for Brisbane Seminar ( or 0488 776 534).
See pdf downloads below for more details.

Church History Seminar - Melbourne Church History Seminar - Brisbane

Klesis Bible Program, Module #4 - Melbourne, 16 – 21 May 2016
The fourth module of the KBP is on Church History, with a special focus on the Restoration Movement. The module was taught by Keith Stanglin from Austin Graduate School of Theology. For further information contact Alan Rowley ( or 0419 264 931)

Teacher Training Workshop, Melbourne & Brisbane, October 2015
Klesis organised a series of workshops in Melbourne and Brisbane for children’s Bible class teachers. Our guest instructor was Mary Nelson from Tauranga, New Zealand. Mary is well known for her work in teaching Bible classes and provision of Bible class materials through her website ( Mary and her husband, David, are part of the Tauranga Church of Christ.

Klesis Bible Program, Module #3 - Melbourne, 17 – 22 August 2015
The third module in the KBP – on Luke-Acts – was well taught by Nathan Guy from Harding University. The focus of this module was the inspired writings of Luke and their key lessons for God’s people. Fourteen participants from six congregations attended the six day intensive.

Klesis Bible Program, Module #2 - Melbourne, 9 – 14 March 2015
The second module in the KBP – New Testament Story & Vision – was taught by Paul Pollard, recently retired professor of Bible at Harding University. Paul did a masterful job of sharing insights from biblical history and the New Testament text. He touched on key themes in Scripture and also shared unstintingly from his experiences as a preacher and church elder.

Klesis Strategy DayKlesis Strategy Day, Melbourne, 28 Feb 2015
This is becoming an annual gathering of a core group of Klesis associates in Melbourne to pray for one another and plan the Klesis ministry for the year ahead. Another great time of sharing, mutual encouragement and fellowship!

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